Els Wiering



In my sculptures, made up of repetitive forms of steel and cement,
I search for balance. My quest begins with the literal balance between
cement and steel. Then it stretches to the equilibration between heaviness
and lightness, movement and constancy, and between structure and space.

The sculptures, built with great care, stand firmly on their cement feet.
The repetitive, almost organic shapes of metal strap on top, resemble a
graceful, playful and spirited way to reach for something in the distance.
With the materials, chosen for their strength and simplicity, I want to
evoke associations of earthly stability as carrier of movement and vitality.

The teardrop shape that recurs in all my recent work, does not refer to literal
drops or water. It is the drop, which has a corner on one side and is round
on the other side, that creates movement. That makes it an interesting
shape to use in my work.

Els Wiering










Els Wiering (1973) lives and works in Málaga, Spain



Current  2016

Hof van Vertoon (group), Haagse Kunstkring HKK The Hague NL

De Wassenaarse Salon 8, (group), Raadhuis De Paauw and Galerie in de Molen, Wassenaar NL

Galerie Àlafran (duo), Diepenheim NL


Past (selection)

2016 Kunst in het volkspark with Galerie Àlafran (duo), Enschede NL

2016 De gulden snede (group), K38, Roden NL

2016 Liefde en Lust (group), Kunstlievend genootschap Pictura, Groningen NL

2015 Orbitfest Winterlichtfestival (group), Groningen NL

2015 Kunstmaand Ameland (group), NL

2015 Kunstmoment Diepenheim (group) NL

2015 Kunstschouw Zeeland (group), NL

2015 Elements, Chie Art Gallery (group), Milan IT

2014 ‘Groningen van Boven’ at the former water tower (solo), Groningen NL

2014 ‘Voorbeelden IV’ de Haagse Kunstkring (group), the Hague NL

2014 Kunstroute ‘Kunstwerk Westvoorne’ (group)Westvoorne NL

2014 ‘Versus’ (group) Groningen NL

2014 Gluren bij de Buren Schildersbuurt (group), Groningen NL

2013 University Library of Groningen (group), Groningen NL

2012 Treden (solo), Kunstruimte Noordwest, SKPN Groningen NL

2012 Lijnen (group), graduation exhibition Academy Minerva, Groningen NL

2010 Lightcatchers, galerie BB Wei 96 (group), Leeuwarden NL



2013 Design “Klaas Dijkstra Prijs Academy Minerva 2013”, NL (commissioned by projectbureau Minerva)

2013 Sketch design “Thymos” for the restaurant of the House of Province Groningen NL (“Kunst op Maat”-assignment, commissioned by CBK Groningen)



2014 Interview in online Art Magazine ‘ARTiculAction’ (February Issue)

2013 Salongedachte, Smahk (Stedelijk Museum Assen Hedendaagse Kunst)

2012 Lichting 2012: Minerva, online report of the graduation exhibition of academy Minerva, online
version of Dutch art magazine “Kunstbeeld”

2012 Blog Eindexamens 2012, Mister Motley

2007 Catalogus Zwart, Academie Minerva, Groningen


Member of

Royal Dutch Society of Sculptors (Nederlandse kring van Beeldhouwers, NkvB)



2006 – 2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL

1996 – 2000 Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, Groningen NL










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